As content creators and digital natives, we’re all surrounded by messaging all the time. As the web has improved in terms of bandwidth and devices able to process high volumes of data we’ve seen video become a big part of our internet experience.

Video allows us to craft unique content experiences, and there is no method more expressive than the use fo animated video. The improvement in digital rendering technology has made this an attractive medium for corporates and brands to pursue.

But what are the actual benefits of an animated video?

Animated videos are more visual

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. This easy absorption of information makes visual mediums more appealing to the senses and offers an easy and effective way to communicate important messages.

The best part is that visuals are consumed a lot more quickly than text and tend to leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Animated videos are psychologically appealing

This generation grew up with television, and many of our earliest memories as kids were watching cartoons. Cartoons are so captivating because they’re fun, engaging, and most of all, colourful. There’s something about moving images that appeals to the human brain, and this naturally extends to an animated video.

Animated videos cut through the digital “noise.”

Getting content to resonate with your target audience is a challenge all organisations face in the modern world. The ever-increasing competition for attention has driven up the amount of “noise” in the digital space making it hard to capture a users attention.

Content creators need to find a way to differentiate their content from everything else out there. Animated video offers a great medium to do exactly that as you have the freedom to customise videos in ways live action would be too hard to do or even impossible to comprehend. 

Animated videos are cost-effective

One of the biggest challenges most video production can be the cost involved in creating the ideal visual experience. Live-action video expenses usually include finding suitable actors, a location to shoot your video, equipment, and video production costs.

Animated videos, however, can be done at a fraction of the cost and allow you to achieve the desired look and feel.

Animated videos scale with your business

As your business grows, so does the need for more engaging content, and your initial video success could drive up costs as you constantly need to iterate and improve. Creating more content, mitigating quality, look and feel is a challenge, and video adds to the complexity. But with an animated video, churning out multiple videos is a straightforward task.

Animated videos are easy to update

Content creation has seen dramatic growth over the past few years, and rightfully so. But one of the challenges is updating all of your old content. If you use live-action video, you can’t re-shoot scenes or update critical parts of your message without taking into account a large number of factors.

But that’s where animated video has the edge as it allows for more flexibility and easy to update. You can go back and change text, edit animations or even do a complete overhaul of your entire video.

Wrapping It Up

Animated video is a dynamic and versatile medium that can elevate any story to a new level and is great for topics that are seen as tedious. Animation offers you an engaging and fun alternative to text content,

While not impeded by traditional constraints surrounding live-action video it allows you to upgrade static infographics and stale user manuals into a highly engaging “guided tours” of the material.

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